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Single Lane, Dual Lane, Inclined, Cleated, Backlit.



Single lane
Our most popular and most versatile conveyor. Widths from 50 to 800 mm, a low profile 50 mm frame thickness, and a multitude of belt, drive, tail, stand and rail options. Over 16,000 sold worldwide.

 Flat Belt, Cleated Belt, Head and Center Drive models
 Loads up to 75 kg (higher on request)
 Constant and variable speed packages
 50 - 800 mm widths (higher on request)
 310 - 10,000 mm lengths
 Available as Incline Conveyor


The dual belt conveyor system DGF-P 2010 is designed for the transport of heavy pallets. The belt is returned within the frame profile. T-slots on three sides offer plenty of options for mounting stops, side rails, sensors, stands, etc.

 Loads up to 75 kg (higher on request)
 Constant and variable speed packages
 200 - 1,000 mm widths
 500 - 6,000 mm lengths
 Large variety of drive options
 Multiple lane options

The modular mk Table Top Chain Conveyor System SBF-P 2000 is ideal in material handling situations requiring parts movement to varying locations. Applications include the transportation of product in the bottling, food packaging, pharmaceutical or paint industries. Different subassemblies such as curves, transfers, incline and decline modules allow for the quick and economical manufacture of complex systems.
 Steel, plastic and fixtured chains available.
 Large variety of stand and side rail options
 Loads up to 150 kg (higher on request)
 Constant and variable speed packages
 Chain widths from 82 - 305 mm available
 Curves, transfers, incline and decline modules available

Components designed specifically for this conveyor system ensure a simple and quick assembly of the individual elements into a complex material handling system.

 available as modules
 easy and fast assembly
 production-related changes are possible in a cost saving way

Manufactured using our structural 40 x 80 mm profile in combination with various standard system components, the result is a solid modular frame designed for heavy continuous duty applications. The available T-slots allow for the attachment of a variety of standard and special components such as stands, side rails, sensor brackets, end stops, diverters etc.

  Width from 165 mm to 3,000 mm
  Length 1,000 mm to 10,000
  Max. allowable load 250 kg
  Variable and constant speed packages
  Various drive and tail options
  Various belt materials and attachments
  Quick delivery 


The Timing Belt Conveyor System ZRF-P 2010 is designed for the transport of heavy pallets or products. The belt is returned completely protected within the frame profile, and the conveyor is an alternative to using a flat belt conveyor. Use of a timing belt allows for a higher torque to be transmitted from the motor. The frame is manufactured using our structural profile mk 2010, and the available T-slots offer the ability to attach stands, rails and other components such as sensors, for example. 

 Head and Center Drive models
 Loads up to 100 kg (higher on request)
 Constant and variable speed packages
 200 - 1,000 mm widths, 500 - 6,000 mm lengths
 Multiple lane options
 Large variety of wear strips for optimum pallet placement


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Ball Slide, UHMW slides, Powered & Manual


Siegling is a World Leader Transmission & Conveyor Belting

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